Applied Digital Marketing Solutions.


Applied Digital Marketing Solutions.

Digital Campaigns

Digital campaigns need to meet both your business goals and the goals of your user. Let’s make it engaging and exciting to find what your consumer/client wants and take them on a journey of discovery to your value proposition.

Campaign Services



A must-have for all digital campaigns, we provide expert advice on Facebook marketing, advertising and content creation.

Build a fan-base, generate leads, drive traffic to your new website, or convert visitors into sales.

Whatever your goal is we can produce and implement a plan for you to reach it.



With the same objectives as with Facebook campaigns, we manage the organic growth of your website on Google, which enhances your online reputation with this important engagement platform.

Coupled with innovative content, we position your online content for successful organic growth and user engagement.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the most powerful way to engage with your users.

We help by implementing tactics that build your email list. Then we create campaigns that meet user goals and take them on a journey to meet your business goals.

Latest Campaigns

Sample of digital campaigns


Distribution and engagement of the Church In Action content.

Heartlines wanted to target faith-filled believers with content that would inspire and empower the church and their members to be a support during the corona pandemic.


Driving users through Facebook and Google ad campaigns to generate leads for insurance companies. The videos have had over 1.1 million views and downloads. There were 13 500 visitors every month and all sales leads were sold.


web design

Web Design & Building

We design seamless websites using our user experience design method to serve the needs of your consumers and users. We build personal or business websites that support your business and personal goals.

Content Creation and strategy

Content Creation & Strategy

Content is the fuel that drives your brand strategy. We create content for your brand personality that will set you apart. With our award-winning team of writers, marketers and ex-journalists, we write and design content for publication and placement across all marketing and media channels.


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